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Is your branding varied AND flexible?

If your brand shows up in several places online, and you have a couple of different 'arms' of your business (say a podcast and an online community) - then a varied & flexible suite of branding options is your best friend to ensure your brand looks the bomb everywhere.

But it's not just about looks - it means you will always have a bit of branding to fit the space in question (i.e. website banners are a completely different animal to an Instagram profile) and so the brand communicates effectively & is legible every time.

If you're just lobbing that one same jpg version of your logo on everything then there's a good chance the right people aren't going to be super clear on how to access your magnificence or appreciate the full array of gloriousness you have to offer!

Here's a little example of a recent branding suite I worked on, to help illustrate my point:

A complete set of logos & icons for Bodhi Resourcing in Bristol - neon lime green and white on a dark petrol background.
The full branding suite for Bodhi (Bristol-based recruitment agency)

The elements from this suite exists in reverse too, so the client has an alternative set of graphics to use on a light background. As you can see there is a good choice of marks to help communicate different messaging and to ensure that all content is clearly 'Bodhi' without just lobbing the main logo on everything!

So - as well as the more standard branding appearances (i.e. on their website & social media profiles):

A mocked up web page and Instagram page for a Bristol-based recruitment agency called Bodhi
Bodhi's new branding look & feel - website & Instgram

They can have fun creating new merch for the internal team!

A mock up of a neon lime and petrol pattern on a phone cover

A mock up of branding on three pens

A mock up of branding on two waterbottles

They also required some sort of clear way to differentiate the four 'verticals' of their business - so in addition to this core brand colour palette I added four extra colourways (each a nicely contrasting combination of two shades) to help them talk about these different business areas in ads and social media posts, here's an example of one of those:

A mock up of teal & peach branding on an iphone

So if your brand designer just handed over a couple of jpgs of one logo when you finished the project and you often find yourself in a bit of a sticky position, not managing to get your content to match the big vision you have in your head for the growth of your brand... I have GOT you my friend!

Just drop me an email and let's chat! Click here to start the conversation.

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