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I met my client Cathy Knight at Bodhi Resourcing as a fellow dance Mum, and we bonded right away over our mutual love of funky trainers!

Quickly we realised we had a lot in common, including our love of networking and within a few months of meeting I was asked to be on the committee of the Society of Bristol Business Women.

During our discussions it transpired that she'd just merged with Bodhi and this joining of two businesses meant that a new vision and re-brand was in order.

Bodhi intend to be known as THE data-driven marketing talent specialists, and their odl branding wasn't strong enough to make this strong claim in the resourcing space.

I developed an unapologetically bold look & feel for them with a sprinkle of femininity here and there, the identity rooted in their SAGE brand archetype and their genuine care for clients & candidates alike.

The logo's icon tells the story of growth of the brand - the original logo had a Bodhi tree in it which represents 'enlightenment', so that heart-shaped leaf motif formed the foundational shape - this has been enlarged and rotated to create the letter B (for Bodhi) which is then used as a frame and watermark throughout assets.

The heart shape is not literal, but will be subconsciously understood as such - they are a business with heart who truly prioritise people & planet over profit.

In addition to the core brand palette of petrol, neon lime & white - 4 colour combinations have also been establish to help them communicate about their four business verticals and solutions.

They intend to disrupt in their market with their careful & considered approach to recruitment - dispelling old tropes of ruthless 'dog-eat-dog' tactics, often associated with this sector.

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