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The Power of Typography

Updated: May 28

I first wrote a version of this blog post in another lifetime (well 2018 actually, but it feels that way). These pieces are as relevant now as they were then - perhaps even more so.

Typography, I'd probably say is my core passion when it comes to all things design.

The reason it's so important - is that by applying a uniquely creative approach to letter forms, and sometimes that can be the tiniest of tweaks, they get turned into something much bigger than the sum of their parts.

The letters, individually or arranged together with others tell us something - a word, which means something to our brain.

But add in creative design elements - and suddenly the message is amplified and the result is exponentially more.

The letters & words start to elicit feelings & emotion, and that's why typographic-based creative in a visual identity

is one of the most effective ways to connect with audiences.

Take a little look at this identity designed by agency Johnson Banks to see what I mean. Such a small, clever idea - switching the last two letters of FibrosIS and suddenly you have a flexible vehicle with almost endless possibilities to communicate with your audience.

The purpose was to educate people on what CF is as a condition, as the problem the charity always faced was that it is often chronically misunderstood by people.

"General awareness and understanding of cystic fibrosis among the general public was very low – people weren’t clear what cystic fibrosis is or does, how they can or can’t catch it and what it means on a day-to-day basis.
For a small charity with no significant advertising spend, this design solution represents a major step-change in activity in their pursuit of greater awareness, and ensures that every single piece of work will fight hard to increase the public’s knowledge, and their support." Johnson Banks

Another beautiful execution of typography is illustrated below - super-sized letter forms made by CharactersF  for San Francisco Design Week in 2015.

Ok, a while back right? But STILL - hugely relevant in terms of what they were made to convey:

"For our primary campaign images, we constructed monolithic letter-forms from mirrors and intricately crafted wood. Each of these installations appear to recede into their environments, but on a closer look, they give a glimpse into their intricate frameworks.
This idea, that design is all around us shaping our environments, but often goes largely unnoticed was a great jumping off point for the discussions, talks and events of the event. There’s a thoughtful process and structure behind almost everything if you look closer, and we wanted to create imagery to reflect that."

I mean - they are incredible – giant typographic structures with mirror faces, which really make the letters 'live'. Sharp, angular, man-made structures reflect the beauty and fluidity of nature and their surroundings, giving immense depth. They both blend in and stand out in equal measure.

I love the way the edges have been given a wooden patterned frame-work which is a wonderful textured juxtaposition against the sleek mirror, and don't they look equally amazing against amongst tough industrial setting AND set within nature?

Typography is literally everywhere - I invite you to look around you the next time you go out, and see what you can spot, and whether the way the letters are designed make you feel a certain way - or whether you prefer certain styles over others?

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