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My magic-making OFFERS!

During our time together I will:


IMMERSE myself in your business

story, business goals & brand ambitions

Research & STRATEGISE to ensure we nail the right creative direction to magnetise ideal customers

Deliver a flexible & creative DESIGN SOLUTION to allow your brand to realise it’s epic potential!

logo 2_on shopping bag copy.jpg
logo 2_on shopping bag copy.jpg




Ambitious business adventurers who care about starting out right, creating a solid foundation for growing a serious brand as the business evolves and expands.


It's early stages, but you're beginning to gain traction with word-of-mouth referrals.


You understand the importance of creating a brand to build & maintain trust but want to work in smaller stages.


  • Start consistency across socials & website

  • Get your emails uplvelled too

  • Allow you to print your logo on t-shirts or other merch

  • Allow you to get a stamp made to add the personal touch to client notes or gift-vouchers

  • Ensure your clients know your invoices are from YOU

  • Help communicate your personality at every client interaction with your brand

  • Demonstrate your quality guarantee (visual service level agreement!)

Citrus Fruits




Ambitious business adventurers fed up with inching along with cheapo ‘quick-fix’ or DIY branding attempts.


People NEED what you're offering & you're out to build a community.


Your brand's presence is digital-only but currently all your channels are a bit of a mish-mash & your offers aren't crystal clear to your audience.


This covers assets for everywhere your brand shows up online!


  • Give you everything you need to build a varied brand kit in Canva

  • Help you achieve absolute consistency on social media, website & digital business documents 

  • Enhance your visibility online & get you instantly recognised by your ideal clients 

  • Give you the confidence to easily build social posts with CLEAR messaging 

  • Cement connection & trust with your clients

  • Help you charge properly for the value you offer - you are the EXPERT!

iphone 13 mockup 2 copy.jpg




Ambitious business adventurers with a physical product & the desire to scale your business at pace.


You've sweated blood & tears to get where you are, and people are now clamouring to buy.


Everyone is saying 'get investment already'.


It's time for major VISIBILITY as your product is not only better than, but more responsibly produced than, the big league competitors.


YOUR AUDIENCE needs to know YOU! 



  • Deliver a flexible and future-proofed design system with full 'brand architecture' (all the different sub-brand logos you need for different areas of the business)

  • Work your investment hard so that the brand can grow in the future (new services, product launches etc)

  • Help your brand messaging reach the right people in the right places, and be delivered in an easy to digest & emotionally engaging way ensuring maximum impact & memorability

  • Deliver the confidence to pitch for investment and the graphic assets to design your pitch deck

  • Start conversations with MAJOR RETAILERS to get your product on their SHELVES

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