This is my own self-empowerment brand for anyone sick of being told what they should be doing!

It was founded in the summer of 2017 by me as a bit of a rebellion, after getting tired of hearing people tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. Especially after have a baba, everyone seemed to have a real opinion on what I should be doing!


I’ve been through some rubbish experiences in life and as a result suffered very low self-confidence and low self esteem. These held me back for too many years, and it was after having my baby in 2014 that I realised Motherhood (plus a couple of other life experiences) had given me the courage to believe in my self and the confidence to not only have a voice, but to use it. And to make decisions and choices I was proud of – without being talked out of them!

So alongside being a visual identity designer, I design motivational prints and organic cotton clothing with Fairtrade values to help people do the same, and finding the strength to believe in their. soul

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