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The mighty power of BRANDING SOLUTIONS; and how they drive SUCCESS 🤩

So, I'm working with a brilliant client, right now, in real time. We are in the revisions stage and things are going brilliantly.

We had a great immersion strategy session on Zoom at the beginning where I gained hugely valuable insights into her business (I threw out client briefing questionnaires a year ago - they waste everyone's time. As an overwhelmed business owner, you ain't got time to fill that in and I got sick of people writing that they want to look 'professional').


What I want to see when I work with you, is your facial expressions, your eyes shining when you talk me through how you started your business, and I want to FEEL the energy that radiates out when you talk about it all.

So anyway, one thing kept occurring to me as my current client & I discussed what she does, and how she serves her clients.

See she does ONE thing really. She's a stylist. But she has maybe 15 or so different services - and they are all super important in terms of how they help her clients in different ways. Her customers come to her for quite specific reasons but currently her service list is a little unwieldy and tricky to navigate, she was openly admitting this when we chatted.

So as I was designing the logo I couldn't quite get this all out of my mind. I was faffing around with the logo elements (proper technical term there folks) and I gradually saw the answer to the problem.

By taking one element from the logo I created a simple yet effective bit of 'brand architecture'.

A branding family, if you will.

I designed around 6 sub-logos which are all immediately & clearly part of the main brand, and this has given her categories under which to list her service-types. A bit of thought went into the names of the categories to enable her to group services by their type.

So now she has a much more pared-back, simplified way to list how she helps people on her website, and her clients will know quickly which way to choose to work with her.

The way I see it, branding design at it's essence, really is about finding the simplest, most relevant and beautifullest way to solve a problem for MY clients, so they can solve a problem for THEIRS.

Her response after first look?

'I bloody love what you've done Amy!'

And that's a verbatim quote *does small curtsy*

I nailed the colour palette first time - this reflects my client's personality, her vibe and how she wants people to feel when they work with her. The fonts I chose are perfectly suited to her business in the world of style & fashion. The sub-brands are designed and ready to use on her website to help people navigate to what they need from her.

There's just a small tweak to the logo that we're working on in the development stage, but by paying really careful attention to my client in our first one-to-one call, alongside using that bit of creative alchemy-magic that's deep in my soul - the branding design solution is going to give her that slick, up-levelled look that she was after but more importantly, give her the confidence to (after an aaaAAAaage) raise her prices to what they bloody well should be!

She's at that 'giddy as a kipper' stage to start using all the new branding and I can't wait to watch her flourish and help raise confidence levels amongst all the people she works with.

So how do you feel when you look at your brand, from a visual perspective?

And when you try and explain your services to friends, family, potential clients?

Is it all super clear and does it all

feel like an extension of YOU??

If not, I have GOT YOU my friend. Pop yourself in my diary HERE - and I cannot bloody wait to hear about YOUR incredible business!

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