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Well HELLO! I'm Amy, brand strategist and visual identity designer. I create memorable visual identities, rooted in strategy and infused with energy, for business owners who like to approach what they do a little differently.

My zones of genius are:

✶  Strategic, story-led design for PIONEER wellness & active lifestyle brands  ✶
✶  Working with challenger brands wanting to create a MOVEMENT with their MISSION  ✶
✶  FLEXIBLE visual identity design systems to grow VISIBILITY | SALES | COMMUNITY  ✶
✶  Unstoppable flow of creative ideas  ✶

I’m deeply passionate about working with ambitious pioneers in the wellness & active lifestyle sectors to create strategic, story-led brands.


I design creatively flexible (adaptable as your brand grows) visual identities to uplift brand visibility, drive real sales growth and create loyal communities. This is all rooted in thorough strategy & research which ensures the design solution is the right one!


My lived experiences in the world of tennis (heading up professional-level events), leading a development project in the Borneo jungle with Raleigh International and latterly designing & managing real-life brand experience activations for high-profile global brands (Moët Hennessy, Starbucks, John Lewis, Burt’s Bees, Sony Pictures) have contributed to my unique approach as a solo brand strategist & identity designer.


Through these experiences I’ve become fascinated by the way a brand’s visual language can affect people’s emotions and in turn effect their behaviours – so every design decision is a conscious one!

My approach to work and life in general is with humour, empathy

and a locked-in team spirit!


On our journey together I will:


  • IMMERSE myself in your business story & brand ambitions

  • Research & STRATEGISE to ensure we nail the creative direction

  • Deliver a flexible and creative design SOLUTION to allow your brand to realise it’s epic potential






✨ BRAND SPARK - Your professional, up-levelled brand logo designed by an expert

For freelancers, sole-traders & local businesses starting out on their own journey. You get a lot of clients through word-of-mouth and you are looking to the future with launches of new services to help your customers even more. You really care about having the right logo to reflect your business personality. You don't want to rule out the potential to grow the brand in the future!


  • LOGO DESIGN (one version to suit either website or social profiles)

  • FILE PACK (set of files with everything you need for digital & print use )


  • Get your emails looking WELL professional

  • Allow you to print your logo on t-shirts or other merch

  • Allow you to get a stamp made to add the personal touch to client notes or gift-vouchers

  • Ensure your clients know your invoices are from YOU

  • Help communicate your personality from the jump!

  • The right logo is your quality guarantee

1-2 weeks, £697 Investment



🌟 BRAND GLOW - Mini branding kit tailored for an online presence, designed by an expert


For ambitious business owners who are done with cheapo ‘quick-fix’ branding attempts, and know an up-levelled logo and highly visible presence online is essential to attract the right clients. Your business is growing steadily, already helping people and you want to attract more of THEM and always be their first choice! You know how important it is for online consistency.


  • LOGO DESIGN (two versions to suit your website & your social profiles plus an icon/simplified version)

  • COLOUR PALETTE (HEX codes for digital use, CMYK for print)

  • BRAND FONT CHOICES (for online & print)

  • CUSTOMISED GRAPHICS for your digital platforms (eg. Instagram story highlights covers, grid templates)


  • INSTAGRAM MOCKUP (guides you in activating branding after the project ends)

  • FILE PACK (as above for the logos )


  • Give you everything you need to build your brand kit in Canva

  • Help you achieve consistency on social media & digital business documents 

  • Enhance your visibility online and get you instantly recognised by your ideal clients 

  • Give you the confidence to easily build social posts with CLEAR messaging 

  • Cement connection & trust with your ideal clients

  • Help you charge properly for the value you offer - you are the EXPERT

3-4 weeks, £2000 Investment



🔥 BRAND FIRE - for ambitious pioneer founders wanting to build a community, fuel serious brand growth and get products on shelves

For ambitious founders building a business at pace that is already getting RESULTS and needs to achieve major VISIBILITY to drive SALES and grow a COMMUNITY of loyal brand advocates.





  • BRAND MODEL (purpose, positioning, mission & vision, goals, DNA, tone of voice, values & personality)

  • BRAND UNIVERSE DESIGN (full logo suite, colour palette, brand fonts, additional graphics to suit the brand; typographic creative, pattern, icons, abstract shapes, gradients, textures etc)

  • BRAND ACTIVATION GUIDELINES (PDF brand bible will full guidance & rules for activating)


  • FULL FILE PACKS FOR ALL DESIGN ELEMENTS (for digital & print use)



  • Deliver a flexible and future-proofed design system to ensure your investment works hard so that the brand can grow in the future (new services, product launches etc)

  • Help your brand messaging reach the right people in the right places, and be delivered in an easy to digest & emotionally engaging way ensuring maximum impact and memorability

  • Deliver the confidence to pitch for investment and the graphic assets to design your pitch deck

  • Start conversations with major retailers to get your product on their shelves

4-8 weeks, £5000 Investment

Ways to work with me:

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