Well hello. I'm Amy - a feisty and good-humoured Bristol-based graphic designer, committed to achieving the best possible result for all my clients.


I've a degree in art & design, many years experience working in creative agencies, and a gorgeous little daughter who one day I swear will rule the world (possibly driving my loopy in the process!).

I've climbed a pretty high mountain, swum in croc-infested waters, run a couple of marathons, competed in a few triathlons and I do Burlesque on a Tuesday.


Just a few snippets from my life which have all served to motivate, inspire and scare the bejeezus out of me. I am efficient and a fast worker with excellent communication skills, attention to detail and apply creativity and originality to every brief.


In addition to having an endless supply of creative ideas, I was an Account Director for an agency for 7 years where my client was Moët Hennessy - so this means in addition to graphic design skills I think strategically, am proactive rather than just reactive, have excellent communication skills, endless patience, excellent time-management and I never over-promise and under deliver. I am also a nice person and that can oft be under-estimated as a good skill to have : )

When it comes to creating your visual brand, my designer-ego doesn't get in the way. I know the right questions to ask to draw out the creative brief - and I will listen carefully to what it is you want. I will generally always aim to give you something you may think you don't want alongside this, often to great effect! I am great at taking constructive criticism and well-thought through feedback and then just cracking on with the next stage of development work.


So - what are you waiting for? Hand over the brief, let me at it!

Brands I have worked with on a creative basis during my career include the following :-

Krug Champagne
Pukka Herbs
Moët & Chandon
Veuve Clicquot
Ruinart champagne
Cloudy Bay wine
IMG (International Management Group)
BNP Paribas
Women's Tennis Association
Land Rover
John Lewis
The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals)
LTA (Lawn Tennis Association)
Raleigh International
Daisy Delight perfume (Marc Jacobs)
Daisy Dream perfume (Marc Jacobs)
Tag Heuer
Cara London (clothes and shoes retail)
Sony Pictures
Teavana (for Starbucks)