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The magic of following your heart 💝

A few weeks ago BBC Radio 1 had a theme running through their programme about 'threads of life'. They were saying they believe that there are invisible threads running through our individual lives connecting our experiences. Each one there for a reason.

Leading us towards somewhere or something.

Back in 1992 I wrote my art 'A' level dissertation about stained glass windows. I was obsessed with the jewel-like colours held by contrasting dark lead strips, light shining through creating another dimension. The simple geometric shapes used with precision & repetition, making up a stunning complex composition. Pure beauty.

Fast-forward to 1994 and I walked into York Minster for the first time - a stone's throw, literally from my Uni halls of residence where I spent three of the happiest & laughter-filled years of my life. And I was transfixed by those windows. I'd go in as often as I could and just stand there, mesmerised by these sorts of views:

In York I met a girl who had the same heart as I did. One which craved adventure, travel & unexpectedness. We talked about doing something properly exciting for years, and finally the lure was just too strong. In 2006 we each applied to go on Raleigh International expeditions, me to Borneo, her to Costa Rica.

A little after I completed mine (early 2008), I went to visit two of the amazing humans I'd met out there (we were all part of a 30-strong expedition team, leading groups of young adults on project work & treks through the jungle of Sabah).

Miranda & Jill lived in Kent, and told me my trip wouldn't be complete without visiting Canterbury Cathedral. It was there that I had what I can only describe as a profound spiritual 'moment'. Something in me changed in those minutes, I felt this surge of emotion somehow connected to my life-path and I knew in that minute, any self doubt about the decisions I was making for myself was unnecessary.

It was an unexpected message of 'trust yourself - you got this'. The answer I needed at the time, back from a career-break and needing to find my new direction.

So I made my next move into a job that kick-started a magical chain of events that have lead me today. Even though that job felt pretty terrifying at the time, and the second biggest 'out of my depth' scenario since I went to Borneo. But it taught me some BIG life lessons and it was essential in my journey, I know that very clearly now.

Today my work is the thing I am most passionate about in life, and the brand identities I design for the clients I attract, are often this very same beautiful contrast of jewel-like colour shining out against highly saturated charcoals/blues & marines.

The light shining through is the clarity brought about by working through the strategy piece we do before the designs - and the result is multi-dimensional & transformational for the business it represents.

Tell me, did you always know what you wanted to do with your life?

Nah, me neither. But I sure as heck knew what I DIDN'T want to do. So I just chose at each step, to follow my heart and go with what felt right at the time. It just so happened that a lot of the time that was the scariest & most challenging option available. The places where the biggest gains were to be had.

And it all brought me here. To this place of gratitude where I get to fulfil my purpose, and call it work. And that is helping YOU: -

🤩 to take a huge leap into your success era

🤩 stop faffing about on the slow boat 🤩 start making the impact with your business that you know you're destined for

🤩 and get investors on board to take it as big as you possibly can

Most importantly, you can waste no more time getting your product into the lives of the people it's made for 🌟

I'm absolutely on-board with this 'threads of life' concept and I think my journey is proof it's a thing. Have you ever heard of this? Have a think back & see if you can find a surprising thread weaving through your life experiences. If you write about it on Instagram - tag me @madaboutthebrand - I'd love to hear your story!

P.s. My very favourite coffee shop EVER, Full Court Press in Bristol - as well as coffee to die for, just look below at the window they have behind their counter! ❤️

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