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"Unlocking the Power of Brand Purpose: The Key to Effective Communication"

Have you even thought deeply about your true brand purpose??

Or is it one of those sentences you've quickly written and gone, 'yeah that'll do' - so it all just remains a bit 'generic'?

If you haven't gone deep into this, I REALLY recommend you do, as it's fundamentally KEY in helping you to connect with the right audience.

Now, if you're struggling with purpose, and finding it hard to make your brand sound as special as it truly is (without reverting all the same-same yadda-yadda marketing jargon) then I have some easy prompts to help you get unstuck and find the real, SPECIAL & juicy stuff!

FIRSTLY - write out what your product does & why you've made it, as if you were explaining it to a 5 year old.

This is a brilliant way to remove any jargon or extra words which have no place in the sentence.

SECONDLY, imagine you ARE the five year old! I'm talking about a string of 'BUT WHYYYYY???' questions.

Example; say you are a British brand who make gorgeous, sustainable woolly hats. A 5 year old would understand this easily if you say:

'I make some soft & snuggly hats in a rainbow of colours using the wool from English sheep.'


'Because I want to celebrate & support people who make things in the country that I live in!'


'Cos this helps independent business owners like me live happy lives & means I am not hurting the planet.'


'Cos I can visit the makers easily, watch every part of the process & show my customers all the cool 'behind the scenes' stuff.


'Cos nowadays people care deeply about where the things they buy come from & they love to know about the story of the business.'

And WHY ELSE? (Try a new direction to extract MORE story!)

'Wool is a perfect material; it's recyclable, antibacterial, natural, cosy, warm and RENEWABLE'

BUT WHY...... and so on.

Before you know it you have a lot of cool, PRACTICAL reasons why you do what you do that go way beyond 'I make woolly hats'.

Next time I'm going to dive into the EMOTIONAL side of things, as it's the practical WHY plus the emotional WHY which gives the most enticing of brand purposes (requires a whole new email innit tho). 

Keep those eyes peeled yeah 👀

In the meantime if you'd like to discuss your brand's purpose (and strategy in general) and receive some expert tips to make sure you're heading in the right direction with your brand, I am offering 5 branding audits in June for a CRAZY reduced investment of just £17 (usually £137).

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