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The Power of Human Connection & Story-telling: a Masterclass from Taylor Swift 💃

The intention of this post is to save you time & money.

But I want to start with a story, about the (suburban) legend Taylor Swift.

On Sunday night we were lucky enough to get to see her Era’s Tour concert at Wembley and I’m not sure I’m ever going to get over it. It was our 9 year old’s first gig so I feel that we’ve properly stitched ourselves up there too.

It was the singularly most magical, spell-binding, enchanting & unforgettable experience of my life.

And it got me thinking….

Taylor Swift is not just a singer. 

She’s is a master at human connection & storytelling, with the ability to make every one of the 90,000 people in the room feel special, and appreciated.

Like she really sees YOU.

Her lyrics touch your heart. Every song she writes connects deeply with her fans.

There was a girl in front of us who I assume probably has no voice left and potentially needs some therapy now, she was singing so loudly, crying and nearly falling over the barrier, leaning to get as close as she could - she was that caught up in it all.

Taylor’s passion, performance & electrifying stage presence is incredible in itself - add to that her beautiful moral compass & strength of character - the combination makes her intoxicatingly powerful in the very best of ways.

What a role model, not just for our kids but for all of us. 

Yesterday’s gig hit so much deeper than I even I was prepared for, and I’ve been a Swiftie for over 15 years. It was the human experience. Getting lost in the stories she told, speaking to other fans and swapping bracelets with them (what a simple, beautiful thing that’s evolved there).

The crowd was joyful, compassionate, kind, and deliriously happy. So were the staff.

Those are the kind of people she attracts, because that’s the person she is.

It was a 360, spherical, touched-me-to-my-core human experience. 

And it got me thinking, this is a really cool way to help explain how I help my clients, because I think the world of graphic design & branding can be confusing when you’re not in amongst it all.

So in the same way that Swift is not just a singer, I am not just a graphic designer.

For anyone building a brand & wanting their audience to feel deeply connected and inspired by you, before you look for a graphic designer you need the branding-obsessed equivalent of Taylor Swift for your brand!

A graphic designer will take your brand elements and create specific marketing assets with them, but if you jump to that bit first, bypassing working with a brand specialist then you’ll come away frustrated, waste your time and inevitably hard-earned cash.

If you don't have your brand's visual identity designed, and brand strategy in place - nothing will resonate particularly hard with your people. Plonking a logo on a flyer just won't cut it.

A brand specialist is the person who takes the history of your business & your ambition for it’s future, and turns that into emotion, which they then represent visually with your brand design elements (logo suit, colours, fonts, creative typography, pattern, icons, illustrations etc). 

We are the ones who find the story where you might not be able to see one. And we design the “creative” which is what really hooks, and connects with your people.

So they will buy into what you’re doing, and follow your every move, snap up every product you launch and tell everyone they know about you.

Crucially, a brand specialist understands the vital importance of the overall aesthetic, or the blend of those individual elements (I have still seen plenty of brands have their branding murdered by website tech experts).

Each expert plays a significant role in the creation of a successful brand!

It's exactly the same with Taylor Swift; everything she says, does, writes, sings, the set designs, the merch, her website - her whole aesthetic is a complex blend of emotion & stories. It's how you fall you in love. It's pure magical chemistry.

Alchemy, if you will.

So as our world gets more automated, digital, AI controlled - I am looking to make my offers & client experiences as real and human as possible.

With empathy, patience, human interaction, and my alchemy skills - turning information into emotion.  

So I’ve changed my processes and simplified things at every single stage. As much of it as is humanly possible is one-to-one video call and this means I get so much more juicy detail from my client - no-one wants to fill in a form, who's got time for that??

And the conversation can flow a natural course, deviating, as little sparks of magic reveal themselves!

I want to be able to see your passion, the excitement and the eyes sparkling, when you get to the bit that really lights you up. I also now do the first round of revisions on a screen in front of you, so I can show you right away if something has legs to explore or whether it just won’t work.

And my projects are now completing more successfully and faster than ever. The creative storytelling & human approach is working its magic for my clients.

My goal of being the Taylor Swift of the branding design world is in motion!!

If you are an ambitious brand founder, you need this magic if you want a brand love story that lasts.

If you don't have it now? Drop me a line here, or DM me on Instagram or LinkedIn.

I can't wait to meet you 🥰

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