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I'm Amy
✨ Brand Alchemist ✨

I unravel the jumble of

passion-fuelled ideas
you have for your business,
& create your
magic-infused BRAND to take your product to market.




I work with ambitious heart-led business adventurers just like YOU. You've grafted to get to this point, but now you're ready to get serious.

You've solved a problem with something that's WAY better than stuff you'll find on Amazon and it's time to let everyone know about it.

You've got a queue of people wanting to buy from you so we need to get your brand onto people's screens so they can fall in love with it & become

loyal brand ambassadors.

Together, we'll create the success you're really capable of, so you can build the life around your business that's just perfect for you.

I will lead you through my proven framework for launching an incredible brand, which we both know will change the lives of your customers as well as YOURS

In the early stages of launching a brand you're probably still in the 9-5 for part of your week, not to mention the juggle with the school runs & kid-stuff.


I know exactly what it's like - you're just desperate for a solid bit of TIME & headspace to focus on launching the brand you're certain beyond belief is going to change things for people.

Come Sunday evening, the feelings are:

🚫 another week looms ahead doing something which doesn’t light you up
🚫 frustration you've no headspace to think clearly about the strategy for launching & growing this brand
🚫 overwhelming crowded mind-split between day job, own business, family life - yadd yadda



Picture this - it's a different kind of Sunday night & you're SO excited as you've a whole week - NO WAIT - a whole BUNCH of weeks stretching out ahead where you can spend all your time working on your own brand.

You've already been able to:


✅ Brand your social channels & website so they all look exactly the same

✅ Get your first batch of packaging made & it looks THE BOMB
✅ Get your product ON that website

✅ Send the url out proudly to everyone you know!


And NOW you have time to:

🚀 Double down on getting yourself seen & found
🚀  Spend time investigating the right networking groups to build connections
🚀 Start building out your marketing strategy
🚀  Get that email list off the ground
🚀  Create content with ease to let people know exactly what you've made & why it's gonna help them

All stuff which is going to not only give YOU life but lead you on that path to grow an engaged community of repeat buyers & brand ambassadors, and start to really build the life you want for you & your family (running the business from a café in Ibiza right?! Ha - same!!).

🙋‍♀️ The problems I solve for YOU:


Firstly I listen hard, to all the thoughts & ideas whizzing around your head & causing the overwhelm. I ask the probing questions - you just relax, immerse yourself in your business, and just answer the Q's.

Absolutely NO need to try and write me a creative brief or fill anything in if you don't want to!


I un-jumble the tangle of thoughts & ideas, and re-order them to bring you clarity. I edit, refine, re-write & develop them to craft your brand's strategy - which forms the solid foundation of how your brand shows up everywhere it needs to and will act as your guiding 'brand compass'.


I'll help you get super clear on exactly WHO your brand is for and why they should choose YOU over anyone else, your purpose, mission, the BIG vision, your goals (& the plan to hit those),  and establish your brand's personality & values to fully align with your customers needs.


I thoroughly research all the competition so we can make you completely unique & DIFFERENT & learn from all the daft mistakes they have made so you don't have to : )  & then we will do a deep dive into your ideal customer profile so we know how to get them to love only YOU.


When all this is in place & you're 100% happy - I design your branding to communicate all of this to your audience with a visual identity - a graphic speaks a thousand words (hard facts). At the end you will know exactly how to activate the new branding yourself too!

After step one, you can let go completely of those tangled thoughts,
leave them with me & just concentrate on liaising with your suppliers,
and getting all the other sh*t done.

Your mind will be quieter & you'll be able to get more sleep,
feeling way readier to tackle each day of life as a badass brand founder 😎

Want to start the process?

There's also another magical thing that happens when you get your branding properly sorted; and see your vision brought to real, serious LIFE.


Weird - as it's something not many people talk about...

YOUR own identity starts to shift. There's an inner transformation that happens, and you'll start to show up differently. Your intention & self-belief radiates out to your audience, meaning people will also believe in you and your brand - and they will want IN.


Traction & momentum speeds up, new opportunities arise & your answer to ‘but will people actually buy this???’ will be: 'COURSE THEY WILL!'


Self-fulfilling prophecies & all that!


✅ If you believe you can, you WILL


🚫 If you believe you can’t, you probably WON’T


(Try that next time you’re in a circuits class & see what happens!!).


So team, this is what I deliver for my clients - branding magic to give you the confidence shift & brand identity to take your offer to the world 🚀🤩

Ways to work with me: 

Please do feel free to ask me about payment plans for the GLOW & FIRE offers,

I'll help where I can : )

Here's what my clients say...

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 13.10_edited.jpg
"It makes a huge difference when you work with someone who exudes positivity and passion – something Amy has in spades. Amy & I had been ad agency colleagues and now we work together supporting local women’s charities. She’s recently been instrumental in a brand refresh project which has helped to drive some incredible commercial results. She just ‘got’ the brief. She understands how to weave emotion through her work & hit the right tone. She’s an accomplished branding designer, tenacious businesswoman and always ready to listen and learn. Work with Amy, have a joyful experience, and see the results roll in."

Hannah Stapley -Parker

(Agency Owner & Marketing Leader)

gibigianna cans mocked up copy_smaller.jpg

Want some 'easy to activate' tips to start sorting out your branding DIY-style?

Just click the button below to
steal my formula & say goodbye to
'endless indecisive faffing' on Canva!

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